Banning Guidelines

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The following activities are considered "User Abuse", although it is not limited to these examples. At Nexon's discretion, discipline for these offenses may escalate resulting in a Permanent Ban from Duel of Summoners. Please visit our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct for a complete list.

1. Advertising: Advertising hacks and hacking websites. Promoting other websites or products. 

2. Botting: Using a macro, third-party program or physical method to play the game in a repetitive manner.

3. Scamming: Impersonating another player or a Nexon employee.

4. Using Hacking Tools: Using a third-party program or using illegal means to play the game in a manner that is not intended by the creators. Sharing, buying, and selling of hacking programs or methods.

5. Misconduct: Behavior and/or language inappropriate for a given game.

6. Gold Trading: Getting Items, in-game currency or other game-related commodities in exchange for real-world cash, or buying real-world cash with gold.

7. Account trading: Transferring your account in exchange for in-game or real world money. 

8. Griefing: Harassing other players. 

9. Inappropriate Name: Using character names that are sexual in nature, racist or otherwise violate the Terms of Use*

10. Harassment: Spreading slander or rumors, insulting or abusing another player, a GM or a Nexon Employee.

11. Account Sharing: Giving out password or personal information * GMs reserve the right to change your name.

12. Win Trading: Forfeiting a game on purpose so the other player can advance rank, and or switching off afterwards.

13. Continuous Forfeiting: Exiting out in the middle of a game, or staying inactive for long periods of time. Can also be considered griefing or harassment.

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