How do Arenas Work?

GM Sqoups -

Your rank in Ranked Duels is based on the total number of points in your win rate. You can Rank in either the Weekly Limited Arena, Daily Draft Arena, or the Monthly Ranked Duels.

Depending on your score, you can get rewards for being in the Top 10, or for passing a score milestone that puts you in the "Bronze", "Silver", or "Gold" levels.

Normal Duel - Casual PvP mode.

Daily Draft Arena - Pick a randomly chosen deck of 12 to battle. Other players will also choose a random deck, but an AI plays for them. Check out our YouTube video for more info. Payouts are every day!

Weekly Limited Arena - Unlocks at level 4. There will be a new rule every week. The deck you put in is your own, but an AI plays this deck for you. These cards cannot be used twice in other arenas. Payouts are once a week.

Monthly Ranked Duel - Unlocks at Level 5. You select 3 original decks that are your own. Real-time PvP. These cards cannot be used twice in other arenas, but can be switched out or updated whenever you'd like. Payouts are once a month.

Event Arenas - Unlocks at Level 7. Also against AI.

Weekend Special Duel - Unlocks at Level 10. Real-time PvP open only on weekends. 



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